The OvaEasy Advantage

About Our Company

We’ve been working on a new food dehydration technology since 2001. We’ve invented a way of drying eggs so that they keep all of their fresh flavor and functionality.


100% Pure Egg

Pasteurized and Resistant to Contamination

3 Year Shelf Life

At Ambient Temperatures; No Refrigeration or Freezing Necessary

Easy Shipping

Lower Cube and Weight, one fourth the volume since we removed the water.

Easy to Prepare

Just add water and you have liquid egg to cook with as you wish!

Made in the United States

Eggs are made, packaged and shipped right here in the U.S. A local product known around the world.

Who Uses OvaEasy?


Kosher•Gluten Free•No preservatives•Pasteurized

Family Built, Family Lead

Supportive Sales Team

Top Product in the Industry

Continued Research & Development

Why Choose OvaEasy Eggs Over the Competition?

Our unique technology dries liquid egg and the end result is that our eggs taste and feel like the original.
Our products are the perfect replacement for frozen egg.Better ingredients (no gums, starches, artificial flavors, etc.), easier transportation and storage (shelf – stable, no refrigeration, one fourth volume), longer lasting (3 year shelf life helps reduce waste) and easier to use (add water and cook, no thawing required).
Better than spray dried egg because of the lower temperatures that we use to dry. We do not denature the egg or cook off the flavor and color.  We also do not add any flow agents.
Better than traditional freeze drying because we start with liquid egg rather than frozen. Freezing denatures the egg and causes it to lose functionality.  To correct this gums are added, which then requires colors and flavors and before you know it your natural egg is now a processed food.
Better than shell in difficult logistical situations.Pasteurized so it is safer, easier transportation and storage (shelf – stable, no refrigeration, one fourth volume, shells removed), less wasted product (no broken shells in transport).